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Working with this BEAUTY today ♥♥♥

Photos never do books justice, before OR after folding, but URGH, I wish you could see this book in the flesh, because it's DIVINE!
This week, I have the honour of folding for an American client, who has chosen to provide her own book.  It arrived yesterday, and I could. not. wait. to get my fingers in to it, today! 
I'm a couple of hours in to folding this, and MAY getting it finished later today, as it's just folding SO perfectly for me.  Some books fight every single fold, but this stunner is playing so nicely with me ♥
I will show the reveal, once it's reached its owner, back in the states, but I already know that the photos are going to look like 'oh. nice' rather than 'f*ck ME, that is an absolute thing of BEAUTY!' - so you'll just have to use your imagination haha

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