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My husband is doing a Marathon...tomorrow!

How the actual puff is it OCTOBER in the morning??
It's a very exciting weekend here. Mr No Books is doing Baxters Loch Ness Marathon tomorrow 🙌
This is soooo far out of his comfort zone, he's already a winner, just for doing it! Wee story. When he announced, completely from nowhere, that he fancied signing up for the Marathon, I suggested we go out for a walk together. Stewart doesn't walk/run, and this came entirely out of the blue. Like, he might as well have grown a second head, I'd have been the same level of surprised. We grabbed the dog and went a stroll. When we got home, Stewart was like "ooft, that was good, I think that's the furthest I've ever walked!" and I was like..."uhmmm, that's great! But that wasn't even a mile and a half..."
So to go from 0 to MARATHON, is incredible!
And tomorrow is the BIG DAY!
He was inspired to do this because we have a very close family member who is navigating the weird and f*cked up world of having been diagnosed with blood cancer. It's a wild ride, and not in a good way. Stewart really wanted to feel he was doing something to help (side note...he does plenty to help), hence deciding to push his physical boundaries to superhuman levels! So he's walking to raise funds for Blood Cancer UK and if you have any pennies spare, he/they would be very grateful for a few of them.
And if you don't have any pennies spare (understandably, times are tough), then please, please, please consider donating blood 🩸🩸🩸
We have a super early start tomorrow, so consider me away until Monday. I'll be busy cheering on my hubby from the sidelines of an actual f*cking MARATHON people!
~ Jo

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