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Watch The Magic Happen

Watch The Magic Happen
Grab a cuppa, and come watch me fold a small book in real time

Hand folded - Never cut - Designer made - Book art

Did you manage to watch it all?  At only 20 minutes, this is a very small book - most of my designs involve a minimum of 600+ pages, this taster was just 50 :)
I rarely, if ever, use a pencil to mark my folds, but they definitely add to this viewing experience. If you watched the whole thing, you may have noticed I actually made two mistakes during this very 'simple' fold.  Luckily they were big mistakes - small mistakes are generally impossible to rectify! 

I am a self taught designer maker of hand folded, never cut book art.  
♥ And I am obsessed with every aspect of what I do ♥
~ Jo

"If you can say it with flowers, they'll remember it with a book"

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