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Currently having an out of office experience! Eeeeek!

This is a scheduled blog post. Why? Well, because I anticipate that when this posts, I will be having a small breakdown, and wondering WTaF I have got myself into 🫣
By this time tomorrow morning, I will be a couple of hours in to a 52 mile hike. Whaaaaaaa!
So maybe right now I'm STILL deciding which rucksack to use - even though I know which one I need to use. Maybe I'm re-lacing my already perfectly laced trail shoes. Maybe I'll be on the loo with nerves. Maybe I'll be managing a long lie, before 24 hours of walking something like 100,000 steps. Maybe I'll be laughing hysterically in a corner. Maybe I'll be absolutely chilled out, with everything packed, clothes looked out, and the route firmly imprinted in my brain. hahahahaha DOUBT IT!
So, yeah. Please consider me off grid until Monday, at least. Now, sometimes I say that, but in reality, I still pick up emails and messages, and reply from my phone. Not this weekend! I need to conserve all of my battery for walking for hours, and hours and hours - with maybe 10 of those hours in the pitch dark. I wont even be touching my phone, in case I end up lost in a dark hole at some point! hahaha
Forres, Kinloss, Findhorn, Burghead, Hopeman, Lossie, Elgin & Rafford area peeps, I'll maybe see you on the Laich o Moray route! I'll be the one muttering to myself about being off my fucking head hahahaha arrghhh!
See you next week!
~ Jo

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