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When is a day off, not a day off?

...when you’re self employed and a week behind on your paperwork 😂 

It’s surprisingly easy to fall into the habit of working 12+ hours a day as standard, when you’re lucky enough to work from home and for yourself. A couple of years back I made a point of (trying) to take Wednesdays off. They’re rarely off-off, but I usually manage to keep out of the office, more making it a day for putting deliveries away, and in normal times, Wednesday is my main day for making collections & deliveries.

I haven’t managed to settle today though. I know I’ve not even looked at my accounts ledger (old skool!) this month so far. So I’m popping to my desk for a wee late shift.

I’ve noticed this wee blog has already had a number of visitors 🤔 wonder who you are? Do say hello - it’s only us here just now, remember 😉 

~ Jo 

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