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Nothing is certain...

...except for death & taxes!

Luckily, no deaths to report, but that's the end of another financial year.  

I actually look forward to doing my tax return each year, and tend to do it within a couple of weeks of the year end.  There's years that have felt very slow, but were actually quite good on paper - and years that have felt super busy, but it all comes down to that bottom figure.

Year 2020-21 was a challenging one the world over.  Personally I went from doing 100 or so pop ups, to, I dunno - but I know 70+ were cancelled.  It was a mind f*ck, but I was never going to moan.  I have my home and my health, and for that alone, I'm better off than so very many people.  

There's no question at all that I sold fewer books than previous years.  BUT, my outgoings were significantly less (Very few pop up fees, no hotels, only about 3000 business miles, instead of 10,000).  

As always, it took me about 30 attempts, over a few days, to get logged in to my HMRC self assessment account haha But once I was on, that was everything filed for another year, only takes about 30 mins once you're actually in :P

Usually I do this kind of admin in the evening.  Sometimes with a tipple in hand to lubricate proceedings haha But once I got logged in, I didn't want to risk being logged out.  So that's that.  

NOW, can I go look at which orders need folding this afternoon?  Thank you! 

Exciting blog this, isn't it?  I'm still not sure what I'm really meant to be talking about.  But I can see that it's getting visitors, even though I've never mentioned it anywhere.  If you're one of them, please go post a photo offfffff...a cup of tea! On my Facebook page ;-)

Speaking of which - cuppa, then foldy foldy!
~ Jo

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