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Another day, another tidy...

It's Easter Weekend and glorious blue skies. I think the Scottish lockdown rules got lessened yesterday? Nice to see the great weather for folk finally being able to meet up outside again.  Here at No Books HQ it's been another day of organising.  Isn't it funny how sometimes you have everything completely streamlined, and then you blink and it's just all...aarrrggghh?!  Not just me?  Naaaahhh can't just be me haha

I had a cheeky long lie this morning, and will have another one tomorrow ♥ One of the many advantages of working for yourself, is choosing which 16 hours of the day you want to work :P I've folded a couple of orders, and lined up my current customer order queue.  

At the moment, I'm managing to dispatch all orders within 7 days.  I'm not sure I'll ever quite adjust to not folding at full pelt for being on the road with but it's amazing how short I've managed to keep your waiting time in the last year, compared to when my time was split 50/50 between stock & orders.  I've run down my event stock and am aiming to be solely folding to order - pretty much there.  It's a nice feeling and gives me a lot more space in the office.  Again, in normal times, my event kit would live in the No Books Mobile, only coming in to be replenished and go back out's been challenging having it all at my feet.  My office isn't tiny, but every inch of it is used, so having boxes on the floor makes things totes awks to reach and access.  Anyway.  

That's today's amazingly interesting #NoBooksBlog.  I'm off to roast a heap of veg for tea.  It's actually good BBQ weather, but, y'know, cba! 

~ Jo

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