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15 hours later...

Only had one book to fold today, so planned a cheeky wee short day.  

I'm a bit crap at those.  Ended up moving every single folded book I have made up, from one place to another in my office.  This included updating my stock sheets with which book is on which shelf - and a few hours on here, updating 'ready to post' books, plus adding a handful of designs that seemingly didn't make the move from my previous site. 

I try and keep 'Ready To Post' books completely up to date with availability, as I aim to post them within 24 hours of ordering.  Which is no problem at long as they're actually on the shelf they're meant to be :P

Tidy office, tidy mind.  

Tomorrow morning I'll be filing away this week's incoming books.  They've all been in plastic boxes and scattered with diatomaceous earth for a few days. It's a bit of a wonder product, that I know from the pet trade.  For me, it removes and residual dampness and damp smell, from books that have often been in lofts & garages from decades. It will also suffocate any wee beasties, including book worm/lice and silverfish.  (also great for fleas, ticks & lice on all pets, including poultry, kittens, and other delicate furries). My absolute worst nightmare, is that I don't quarantine a new delivery, and it infests my 4500+ stocks of reclaimed books with some kind of beastie or mold.  Urgh, don't even want to think about it.

Anyhoo.  It's after midnight now, and I started just before 9am.  So much for the quiet time of year ;) 

~ Jo

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