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Welcome July

Where did June go? Nah, like, seriously? How on earth can it be July already??

June was a mixed bag at No Books HQ. It was MEGA busy in the first week or so...dead, DEAD quiet in the middle...and then ended with a boom! haha There really is no predictable pattern in this wee business, I can tell ya! 

There were quite a few very large pieces commissioned, which are always very satisfying to design and fold. Big books, especially, usually take me at LEAST three trial runs before I get to folding the final piece, and the final piece usually takes be a few days to fold. A labour of love, and one which I completely lose myself in ♥ stockists have been warned there will be a slight delay on folding and dispatching their shop orders for the next couple of weeks, due to a handful of tight deadlines this month. Individual orders won't be affected by this, and you can continue to order in the knowledge that I will design, prep and hand fold your book, dispatching within 7 days.

Mr No Books has a few days off work this week, and it's always nice to have my cups of tea brought to my desk at regular intervals :P We had planned a couple of nights away, but outside circumstances have made that less appealing, so a wee staycation it is!  Means I can keep up with work for most of the day, whilst also enjoying plenty sofa & telly time, under a blanket, with cups of tea - the perfect way to spend these wintery, October afternoons...oh. Wait. This is meant to be fucking summer! Last Monday I was in short shorts and a vest top. Today, I'm in thermal leggings, a vest and hoodie, and I'm still kinda chilly! 

Anyhoo, I don't think I've anything particularly interesting to tell you about July, but I just wanted to check in and say hello. Blogging is weird. I've no idea who, if anyone, is reading them (Do tell me in the comments box!), but I HATE seeing abandoned blog sections on websites, so so I'm determined not to let it slip away! Facebook is being a total dick to me right now, and I'm just not sure most social media has the reach that it used to, so kinda feels like a box ticking exercise these days. At least I can ramble on here without having to censor myself and pretend to be all corporate and shit ;-)

Right, I'm away for another cuppa. 

Have a good month. Buy a book or three! 

~ Jo


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