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Happy "My Dad's Birthday"!

OK, so he definitely wasn't born in 2015 - but today is my wonderful Dad's 75th Birthday! 

He's had a rough couple of years, living with a rare blood cancer, and has very recently suffered a heart attack. But I'm delighted, relieved, grateful and blessed to say that he's here to celebrate his special day, and he's still very much ma Daddy ♥

I have always been a Daddy's girl, and in all honesty, Dad is probably my best friend, too. Most of my childhood memories are of days out with Dad, Dad taught me to cook, Dad is still the only one who can explain simple (and complex) maths to me. He's almost always been the first person I've told of any 'big' life events, he's always who I turn to for advice, or look to for assurance I'm doing OK in life, and whilst I'm very much an independent, self sufficient and somewhat hard hearted woman, I will forever be Dad's wee girl ♥

Here's a recent pic of me (left), Mum (Pearl, middle) and Dad (Jeff, right) together during a recent ceremony, when Mum was made a Burgess of her town, Forres. I think it's a decent pic of all of us, and one of very few we actually have together! 

Happy birthday Pa-Pa!



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