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Oooft, it's warm!

Today's NoBooksBlog has nothing to do with...anything, very much haha

Summer has arrived. 


I TRY not to moan.  I hate the heat.  I hate the feeling of sun on my skin. It makes me thoroughly miserable. Even as a [very blond, very pale, half Scottish/half Irish Celtic] child, I would be found playing in the shade. In my late 20's, I started reacting very badly to sun/heat exposure, with a hideous rash erupting over one side of my face.  It hung about for a few weeks (God, that was awful) and then vanished overnight....only to return a few days later on my forehead. Eventually vanished again, and then graced my chest. It was the most unsightly thing. Looked angry, looked like it was going to come to a pus-spewing head, but never did. Looked painful (usually wasn't), looked aggravated, like I'd been clawing at it (never did), and made me soooo self conscious. Possibly worse than the 'active' rash, was the fact that every time it disappeared, it left behind permanent red/purple blotches.  Back then, I only wore make up once in a blue moon. These days I wear 7 layers of makeup, every single day, even if I'm not leaving the house, just to look...make up free hahaha arrrrghhh! 

It bamboozled a couple of GPs, and eventually I was referred to dermatology at the hospital. Bamboozled them too, for quite a while. At one point they thought I had lupus, but, thankfully, not enough other boxes were ticked. After a year or so, I was eventually diagnosed with a rare skin condition, called Jessners Lymphocytic Infiltrate of The Skin Disease. 

I'd tell you all about it, but no one really seems to know much haha including the specialists, including google, including me. 

Whilst not proven, it seems many other sufferers report flare ups when it's sunny. I find this to be somewhat accurate, although mine also seems to flare with heat alone - which, for me, is anything above about 12° haha What my diagnosis did do was make me go "ahhhhhhhh - THIS explains why I've always hated the sun!!" Again, may or may not be a valid link, but certainly made a lot of things make sense, like, my body KNEW it didn't want touched by the orange thing in the sky! 

I try not to moan about the heat.  I get my preferred weather for, like, 11 months of the year.  And I see and feel how happy this weather makes people. But urgh. Days like today, I can't help but whinge!

Anyway, that's me off on a pointless ramble. Leave a comment below if you've read this far - I never really know how many folk actually read these NoBooksBlogs haha

What I really came to say was, I got up just before 6am, which is around normal for me. I'm usually up and about by 6.30am at the latest. I class 7am as a lie in these days, as even that only happens once in a blue moon.  I let Mera out for a pee, and thought "Jesus, it's hot, I don't think I should walk her in this".  I checked the forecast, and it was already 18°, at 6am. I thought "nah, I'll walk her this evening". But nope, forecast showed the temperature increasing in to the mid 20s, all the way through the day and evening. So we walked. Just 30 mins, and we were both puggled. Mera isn't a fan of the heat any more than I am. We were home before 7am, but it was already intensely hot.  I'm glad I have the freedom and flexibility to work around these things. 

It's now almost 9pm, and I'm still working. I left the office for a couple of hours, and I not long walked back in and loudly exclaimed "AAAHHHHHHH BEST ROOM IN THE HOUSE!" much to Stewart's annoyance hahaha This room is blissfully cool in summer, and weirdly toasty in winter, despite the rest of the house being like a sauna or fridge hahaha

So I'm in my Happy Place for another hour or so, just packing a couple of orders from over the weekend. I'm cool and the sun can't see me. Bliss. 

More sun and high temperatures forecast for tomorrow. 

Fuck that.

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