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Tomorrow's Plan! (Updated)

(Not my photo, but can't see who to credit)

It's been a few years, and a few stone, but tomorrow I shall be meeting my long term nemesis once again! 

Ben Rinnes is the biggest hill in Moray - indeed, it can bee seen from pretty much anywhere in Moray, and offers a view over pretty much the whole of Moray (and part of Aberdeenshire, and up over Caithness, and, well, it's big, OK!)

I used to climb it fairly often.  Wouldn't like to say how many times I've done it.  In to the 20s, at least.  And it's a bitch of a hill.  The climb out of the car park is enough to make me rethink every life choice, but I've never let her beat me, and have summited many, many many times.  Sometimes I've played on the tors and come back down the long route.  Sometimes I've gone up the long route, making the way back so much more pleasant.  Mostly I just go straight up and back.  And that's the plan for tomorrow. 

Ben Rinnes isn't a Munro.  I think it's about 75 metres short.  So it's a Corbett.  Doesn't matter - I've done MANY Munroes that are FAR easier (and more pleasant) than this bitch.  Heck, I've done 30 mile hikes that are easier and more pleasant than this bitch. But still, she calls me back. 

Never once have I actually felt fit enough or strong enough, and every single time, it's been pure spite that's got me all the way up.  I HATE/love this fucking bastarding hill. 

I walked the far smaller Ben Aigan a few weeks ago.  First 'proper' hill since I gained (and lost) all the extra weight. It's a lovely wee hill to do, but with a nice mountainous feel.  Whilst atop it, I looked over at my Nemesis, and thought "soon, bitch, sooooon", and have decided tomorrow is the day...

I try to keep away from my desk on a Wednesday.  It's meant to be my only day off, but is usually spent collecting and delivering books, putting away deliveries and such like.  But not tomorrow. 

If you never hear from me again, she beat me. 


UPDATE: Well.  Good ol' Scottish Spring sprung, and the Ben had quite a heavy snowfall overnight.  A friend who lives at the foot of the hill warned me of snow late last night (although all forecasts were clear and dry haha), and, right enough, this morning it was a pure white vision in the distance.  So a 'normal' 5 mile walk it was haha The hill isn't going anywhere, I'll try again in a couple of weeks :) Still have Sunday's 15 mile coastal walk to look forward to ♥

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