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Prepping, prepping, prepping!

It's all go here at NoBooksHQ!

Only a couple of weeks left before hits the road, heading down to Glasgow to showcase in BRAEHEAD SHOPPING CENTRE for the first time! 

I have had the pleasure of popping in in Glasgow many, many, dozens of times over the years.  But this is my first time in Braehead.

Glasgow is 200+ miles away from NoBooksHQ, and a good 4.5-5 hour drive.  But once I'm there, it feels like a home from home ♥ Glasgow folk are just the best, and you canna beat the auld Glesga Banter! 

I'm excited to be showcasing in a new location.  I've popped up in Silverburn Shopping Centre mannnnny times, as well as the SECC, Merchant Square and a few other, more intimate venues. I have never had a wasted visit to the fair city, and I'm proud to say that a not insignificant chunk of my wonderful customer base hails from the area.  I can't wait to get there and meet new folk! 

I will also be experimenting with a brand new product lay out, and am excited to see if it works as well in real life, as it does in my head haha - if you don't try, you'll never know! 

Pre-rona, I did around 100 pop ups a year.  I lived out of a suitcase for 2/3/4 nights a week, to the point I never fully unpacked, and it lived on the end of my bed when I was at home. I will never go back to that intense hamster wheel - I LOVED (REALLY fucking LOVED) every second of it, for all the years I did it, but life is very different this side of the pandemic, and now it means that I actually have time to get excited for the next pop up, between events, instead of being on autopilot! 

So I've got more than 2 weeks to finalise folding for Braehead AND to get butterflies about it ♥♥♥

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