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April. Time to pause a little ❤️

April. My only “not very busy” month of the year!

I remember my first few Aprils of January still full on, catching up with non-Christmas orders. February is busy for Valentine’s Day and then we’re straight in to Mother’s Day. Far from being down time, the first quarter of my year is almost as full on as the final quarter! Then April hits…used to scare the shit out of me. Going from six months at full pelt, to actually having occasional days with NO orders, at ALL. I’ve even checked to see if my website was offline, in past Aprils, as it’s suddenly deid!

As I enter my ninth April, I know this is my only time to breathe 🙌 It’s a month of not having to work every hour of the day, it’s a month I can get properly caught up on behind the scenes admin. It’s a month to sit back and be proud of how far my heart and soul business has come - and it’s no longer a month of panic! Every single year, May rolls around, and like clockwork, everything kicks back in to action 🤷‍♀️

If you want to buck the trend of my quiet month, do feel free to do so haha This is also a great time for my trade customers to top up, as you’ll have your orders even quicker than usual!

But if it’s as chilled as normal, I’m looking forward to my wee downtime, if only working part time hours for 3/4 weeks, before getting back to normal in a blink!

Have a great week!
~ Jo

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