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Nice wee top up

I spent this weekend touring around Moray & the Highlands, collecting reclaimed books for a nice top up of my 4500-5000 strong stocks. All of my stock are pre-treasured hardbacks, most of which would have ended up in landfill or pulped, if I didn't rescue them.  

My books live in 15 bookcases throughout NoBooksHQ, as well as a couple of cupboards and a few shelves.  You can see the main areas HERE
These two bookcases are probably my smallest ones.  Only holding two rows deep (most of my bookcases hold three deep, and are extra wide, too), and they were looking a little sparse before being topped up with this weekend's addition of around 350 titles. 

There's nothing brings me relief and joy like a well stocked book case! 
If you work for a charity who struggles to sell hardbacks, or perhaps a social concern for diverting waste from landfill, please, do get in touch, and let's see if I can lighted your load, both literally and metaphorically! 

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