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New bod, who dat?

This time last week, FINALLY returned to Silverburn Shopping Centre in Glasgow.
It was my first visit since summer 2021, when we were still masked and social distancing - which doesn't make for easy showcasing, in a big, noisy shopping centre. 
Fast forward to March 2023, and I was looking forward to being back.  I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but it felt like the pandemic had never happened.  No masks, no social distancing, and the centre was busier and louder than ever.  Such a buzz!  I just LOVE being there!!! 

Another, unexpected happening, was me realising that a customer had snapped a photo of my stand, last time I was there - so I just HAD to recreate it!  Stand looked fab, as always (if I do say so myself!), but safe to say there was a BIG - nine stone - difference, in the person presenting it! hahahaha
I see NO difference when I look in the mirror.  I know my clothes have gone from a size 24 to a size 10, but I still sort of think 'oh, these must be very generously cut', I just don't see it.  I FEEL it, I'm SO fit again!  I used to be super fit, prior to the pounds creeping on for the first few years of, and in September 2021, I decided to allow myself the TIME to get back to the gym, up hills, and, y'kno, off my arse each day.  18 or so months later, not only am I almost as fit as I was a decade ago, I'm nine stone smaller...nice wee bonus! 
So I was chuffed tae fuck to have this visual representation of the difference - that everyone else sees, but I ONLY see in photos! hahaha

The weight is still coming off.  I was going to call target on 1st March, 18 months to the day since I started...but I'm still losing every week!  OK, not this week, I gained 1lb after working away for the week, but going from 15 gym classes a week to zero, and having not very much control of what I could eat, I think a pound is absolutely fine! But other than that, I'm still losing every week. So I'm just gonna keep on truckin', and once I've stayed the same for four weeks in a row, I'll switch to aiming to maintain...forever! 

Not my usual kind of NoBooksBlog post, I know, but so many of you have championed this journey, I wanted to share this wee update with you, and thank you! 

~ Jo


  • Thanks Christine! All a bit surreal haha
    ~ Jo

    Jo from
  • Thank you Nikki! I feel great ♥
    ~ Jo

    Jo from
  • Aww Jo. IOU look fabulous xx

  • Jo you look amazing well done sweetheart .xx


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