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Sunday Funday - Mera and I had a lovely hike!

Six Harbour Walk 2023 Portsoy - Buckie

Yesterday, Mera and I took part in Buckie Rotary Club's annual Six Harbour Walk.  Walking the beautiful, rugged Moray coastline, from Cullen to Buckie.

I've done it once before, about 10/12 years ago, and it felt great to be back!  A different wee dug at my heel, once who has only been with us for 8 months, but feels like she's been part of me for eternity ♥

It was a good day.  A few light showers, but mostly overcast and cool - just how I like it! 

I wasn't racing, I have no memory of how long it took me last time, but I was very pleased to complete the 15 miles in 4 hours 17 minutes.

Man, it feels good to be back on the long distance routes ♥

Both fresh as daisies at the end of 15 miles scrabbling round the coast!

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