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SORTED! I've done it!

a book whose pages have been hand folded to read "SORTED!"
Back in June, I set myself to add to the NoBooksBlog daily throughout July - and I've only gone and done it!
It's been harder than I expected, I must admit.  There's an unnatural amount of sentences beginning "Me, My, I", which feels totally different to social media posts, but I (I haha) have done it.  It's been mostly a stream of disjointed recollections and rambles, with zero cohesion, if you were to sit and read them in order, but it's done.

I started this blog because social media has become such a difficult place for a small business. Despite a very healthy audience on my (my haha) Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages, I recently crunched some numbers, and found that for every 100 of you who've liked one of my pages, only around 15 of you are ever shown anything I post.  That's a sobering thought. But instead of moaning about it, it's given me the push I needed to start this blog, which people have asked me to do for years, AND made me start actually using my mailing list, which has been an utter revelation!  HUGE learning curve, but oh so rewarding!

By actually getting some of this info into this blog, I feel I'm 'building on my own land' instead of pissing in to the wind of social media, and means I actually have this content an information to hand for future use. 

If you've been following this month, or even if you've randomly stumbled upon any of these blog posts in the future, I hope you've learned a bit more about me (me haha) and my (my haha) business.  It's not just a business, it's my passion, my calling, my vocation, my parent, child & partner, it's my everything.  And if that's wrong, then I don't want to be right. 

I'd LOVE to hear any feedback in the box below - and even more than that, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you in your inbox ♥

I can't promise I'll be blogging daily, but let's aim for once or twice a week, yeah? Yeah!

It's been a blast, folks, cheers!
~ Jo

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