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Anniversary gifts

For today's NoBooksBlog, I'm totally s̶t̶e̶a̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ being inspired by Ingrained Inc's list of traditional anniversary gifts. Lauren is a phenomenal designer maker, working mainly with leather, glass & wood, to create beautiful and functional gifts, for pretty much any occasion.  She's also an affa fine quine! 

We recently had a chat about online stuff, and I saw this great idea, which I've shamelessly adapted for!  


Let's start with the 1st Wedding Anniversary.  It's pretty widely known that it would traditionally be marked with the exchange of a paper based gift - therefore, every single piece of art from here will tick that box - you've just gotta decide what you like best!  But from there on, I'm sure I can offer 'something' to suit almost every anniversary...

2nd Wedding Anniversary: Cotton
My first stumbling block.  Cotton used to be commonplace in the bindings and coverings of books, but rarely seen now; paper made from cotton can be found in some antique books, but despite having 4500+ books, many of them very vintage, I couldn't promise there's cotton in any in particular.  Great start Jo, this seemed like such a good idea...

3rd Wedding Anniversary: Leather
Very few books are actually bound in leather anymore.  But I always have a huge number of beautiful faux leather books in house! 

4th Wedding Anniversary: Fruit & Flowers
That I can help with! Apple, anyone? Or flowers?

5th Wedding Anniversary: Wood
Lucky you, you can choose from ANYTHING in the catalogue - paper/wood/paper/book!  How about the couple's initials?

J & R hand folded in to the pages of a book

6th Wedding Anniversary: Iron or Candy
Well.  If you pile enough books on top of your clothes, they might iron them out?  Or, you could choose a number 6, or perhaps a lucky horse - horeshoes were traditionally made from iron, although I think they're often steel now?

7th Wedding Anniversary: Wool or Copper
Meh.  Another tough one - although I've just realised there used to be a sheep on here, and it's vanished.  I must go look at old photos! 
7 hand folded in to the pages of a book

8th Wedding Anniversary: Bronze
Possibly my favourite colour! If it's your eighth anniversary, drop me a line and I'll do my best to use a bronzey/browny book for your order - can't make any promises, but am usually able to oblige!

9th Wedding Anniversary: Pottery
Depending what comes to mind when you hear the word 'pot', I can offer you a teapot pouring tea (booky tea, not tea tea), or a pot head, which isn't exactly a houseplant...but there's something for everyone in here! 

10th Wedding Anniversary: Tin
Imma cop out with a number ten haha
Hand folded book art numbers

For Silver/Pearl/Ruby/Gold Anniversaries, please drop me a line.  Whether it's names, dates, initials, hearts - when I know the occasion a gift is for, I'll often have 'just the right book' to hand, and it's always a real honour to help you choose a completely unique gift for the happy couple. 

If you can say it with flowers, they'll remember it with a book



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