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Six Years Ago Today, I left my job.

Seven years ago today, No Books Were Harmed became a business. Six years ago today, I wrote the following:

"As of today I am jobless. I am no longer employed. After 20 years of working full time within the family business, I no longer have a weekly wage to rely on. I don't know where the next tank of diesel is coming from, and I certainly will not have any money or security to borrow for a new car when the Golden Ghia goes. A fear of uncertainty and insecurity and not knowing what comes next...I've not really experienced an unknown like this before, due in no small part to my job being a constant throughout my life. There's always been the job to rely on, work round, curse, love and loathe, all at the same time. It's given me sanity at times of upheaval, and pushed me close to insanity more than once. I've upped my hours to the point of breaking myself, I've cut my hours to a point of having to rely on my Mr No Book's income too (that was a scary step on the commitment front). But it's always been there. The upshot is, I have finally left my day job of 20 years, to concentrate on

This is the single most scary step I've taken in my adult life. On paper, I'm screwed. Have never been so skint, and am now walking away from the tiny bit of financial security I have. But in my heart and head, I know this is the only right thing for me to do. A year ago this wee business took over my life from nowhere, and now I've fully embraced it and the possibilities it's already giving me, I know without a shadow of a doubt that this will give me the lifestyle I've always dreamed of. Wads of cash? Foreign holidays? A fleet of Mustangs? Nights out and fancy meals? No. I've never wanted any of that (well, apart from the Mustangs, obvs). All I've even yearned for is to spend most of my time in the home & village I love, spending quality time instead of hurried time, with my dogs, creating a harmonious little nest. I've always wanted to work, I've never wanted to be a housewife or kept woman (lucky really! lol), but I've never hit on anything I could do from home to generate any kind of income to allow me to fulfill that wee idyll.

Opportunity has found me.This is gonna be just fine - and I suspect it's gonna be more than just fine, it's gonna be frigging amazing!"

And you know what, it has indeed been frigging amazing.  If you're looking for a sign, this is it ;-)

~ Jo

THANK YOU to every single one of you that supports me along this journey. A kind word, a share, a purchase or a recommendation. All these little things added up to >this< I don't have the words to express my gratitude so I'll keep on doing what you seem to enjoy - creating pretties !

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