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7? Really? That long/is that all? was birthed just over 7 years ago. Seven. Funny, it seems like such a long time, yet not very long at all. To today, it's 2560ish days old.
❤️I've just done a rough tally up.
🧡I've spent over 2000 days folding.
💜My work days average out at 13 hours, so that's 26,000+ man hours.
💛 has popped up at somewhere in the region of 400-450 events.
💚My Introduction to the Art of Book Folding workshops have taught over 1000 others how to create hand folded, never cut book art.
💙Some very arbitrary guesstimates and unreliable multiplication would suggest I've kept around 2 tons of books from landfill (might be 35kgs, might be 37 tons - maths isn't my strong point! hahaha)
Just reminiscing out loud, don't mind me!
~ Jo

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