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Brain Blank

I've been sat in front of the computer for over 2 hours.  

I've done fuck all. 

Complete Brain Blank. 

Some days, it doesn't matter how many notes you've written yourself, how many mental plans you'd made, nothing really makes it on to paper (web, whatever).

Originally, I was due to be working away from home for a few days with  But for various reasons, not least not knowing how our terminal dawg would be at this point (absolutely fine, thanks, illness masking meds!), I called off the trip and stayed home.  

So right now I would have been on my way up the road, a 5/6 hour drive.  Which means that being here, at home, right now, is bonus free time!  I had nothing in the diary to fold today, and nowhere I have to be, so it's the perfect opportunity to schedule a few emails for the final part of the year, update part of my website, set up a couple of wholesale things that I've been meaning to do for ages, maybe schedule some social media posts, and go through my photos, watermarking and saving them. 

I'll repeat.  Instead of that.  I've done fuck all. 

It's not like me.  I'm pretty good/natural at prioritising the to-do list and using my time wisely.  As any small business owner knows, there's never enough time in the day or week to stay on top of everything we have to do.  So to find myself with, basically, a whole free day, is a complete luxury!!! 

But I've done fuck all. 

I'm not even in the mood for a 'day off', otherwise I'd just have fucked it all off and stuck some True Crime on the telly!  I'm in the mood to get shit done....but my brain, it has the dumb.  Frustrating.  Cos I know I've a shit load to do.  But when I try to focus on one thing, my brain's just switching off, deciding I need a pee, or maybe the tumble drier's finished.  Annoying! 

So I thought I could at least blog a ramble about it.  At least I've put something on paper, I suppose!


I'm away to flick between tabs and do fuck all on any of them.  Hope your Monday is a bit more satisfying hahahahah

~ Jo

(PS no images attached, cos I'm being arty and letting the lack of them represent the lack of whatever in my head right now :P )

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