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Hearts, hearts, hearts

Barely a week goes by that I don't fold or design something with a heart.  In fact, barely a day goes by! 
Coincidentally (or not), today is World Heart Day  #useheart

Aside from the fact that our actual hearts keep us alive, the romanticised shape that we use to represent the heart ♥ is a timeless symbol of all things love. 
You might wonder which is the most difficult design that I create.

The answer? Probably love hearts!

You know exactly what a heart is meant to look like, so I have nowhere to hide, when creating them ♥

Their symmetrical form and gentle curves take painstaking accuracy to make look good - and your eye naturally notices is anything is 'off' about it!

That said, they also give me a LOT of satisfaction, too, which is probably why I rarely go more than a day without folding one haha ♥

~ Jo

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