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Rolling out wholesale terms, worldwide!

Did you know, since week ONE of No Books Were Harmed, I've supplied retailers with their folded book art needs, all across Scotland?

Come 2015, I was supplying shops in Canada and France. 

I never really pushed the fact I supplied trade clients, most of them approached me, having met me face to face during pop up events all round the country, or from seeing my pretties on social media. 

By 2019, wholesale was making up a much larger part of my day to day work, and I was toying with finally launching my Trade Only portal, to make ordering and re-ordering as smooth as possible. was born.

2020 happened, and, to my surprise, whilst I was personally retailing less than normal, my wholesale customers were extremely busy!  

2021, and I finally partnered with Faire, an online platform, which has completely revolutionised my trade client's experience. The terms and deals it offers MY customers, is absolutely amazing, almost unbelievable, in fact.  But, less than a year on from launching, I've now migrated ALL of my wholesale customers over.  Do Faire take a commission?  Yes.  But do they save me untold HOURS of admin and logistics faffing with couriers?  Oh, hell, yes.  

2022, I will shortly be closing and directing all wholesale traffic to my Faire Portal.  It's a win win situation. By partnering with Faire, I can extend the kinds of terms you'd expect from a FAR larger business than I, and they negate almost all of the crappy, paperwork side of things, for me.  Leaving me more hours in the day to actually fold your orders!

Best part?  Click below to join, and you can enjoy all of the benefits seen below!

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