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January, Planuary!

January is always a super busy month at No Books HQ, and this one is no different! 

I've been completely neglecting this blog, barely touching base with my social media, and mostly just folding at full pelt, in between getting stocked up and sorted out for the Valentines Day & Mother's Day period.  Chuck a huge trade show in to the mix, and it's pretty blooming full on - just how I loves it :P

I was glad Mr No Books happened to be home when the latest pallet of books arrived, usually I have to handball them in myself teeheehee
All of the books I use are reclaimed hardbacks.  I pick them up from auctions, house clearances, book shop closures, charities and social enterprises, when folk are downsizing their homes, and all kinds of other places.  And occasionally, I do a bigger top up of a pallet.  I usually have around 4500+ books at any one time,the vast majority of which, would have been in landfill had I not intercepted ♥

So yeah.  That's why I've been quiet.  It's that thing of 'I can do anything, but I can't do everything at the same time'.  And my priority is ALWAYS getting all of your orders dispatched on time, EVERYthing else come secondary to that...but there's bloody shit loads of everything else, too hahahahah

Anyway, back to it! 
~ Jo

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