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Is it even blogging if I continually talk about how I'm going to blog...?

I've just spent a weirdly hilarious two HOURS scrolling back the Instagram page, just triggering some memories of fun trips, wee stories and other #NoBooksBlog fodder!


But it did make me think, I keep talking about how I'm 'going' to blog, when I've actually 'been' blogging for a few months.  This July challenge of blogging every day is great for focusing me on the task in hand, but this realisation of saying I'm 'going' to blog reminds me of how I wasn't arty until I was an artist, I wasn't a teacher until I taught, and I wasn't a designer until I designed.  So from this point in, I'm going to try not to speak as if I'm 'going' to blog, and I'm going to try and stop talking about preparing to blog...I'm just going to act as if I AM a blogger, 'kay, and that will make it so...

But before I commit to that (!) omfg I have some FUNNY shit to share from my travels, all thanks to my instagram hahaha Can't wait to have all this stuff in the #NoBooksBlog instead of 7 years back on various social media platforms.  

I've LOLd a couple of times, sat here on my own, so I really hope some of the tales make you smile at least!

I'm a blogger right, innit, yeah. 

~ Jo

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