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I love a bit of subterfuge!

I'm blessed with lots of wonderful, regular clients, every one of them a joy to work with.  I mean that.  I hear other small businesses moaning about customers, but I've never had to moan about a single one!  

And some are sneaky, in the best possible way! 

Cue Bill.  Bill & Shiona have bought quite a few books from me.  Some 'off the shelf', some commissioned...all gifts...until now! 

Sneaky, sneaky, very sneaky!  I love it!

(as an aside, I always wish people would order books FOR the people who GIVE them one - it's a sure sign they'd appreciate one!)
I don't question every order that comes in - in fact, I almost never do...I fold words exactly as they're typed in...but when I'm working with regulars, I kind of have a feel for what they tend to choose, and don't mind following up if I feel it's prudent.  Bill did indeed prefer "Shiona", so I'm glad I asked.

Five star reviews make me beam from ear to ear!  Not only do I appreciate every person who takes a minute to write one (THANK YOU if you have), but it's another installment in the trust bank, for potential customers who are swithering about placing their first order ♥ Means so, so much.

It was Shiona's big day a couple of days ago, and I was thrilled to receive the following:


So that's the condensed story of how Shiona got her very own book!
And you know how it all began?
Bill & Shiona both receive #NoBooksNews direct to their inboxes - which you can subscribe to HERE (was that slick, or WHAT!? hahah)

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