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International Book Lovers Day - fun facts!

And, if you're reading this, chances are you are a book lover!

Here's some fun facts about books:
• There's believed to be around one hundred and thirty million books in existence!

• A book lover is known as a Bibliophile - I have a curated Bibliophile Collection of designs.

• Do you love the smell of old books?  Me too! The No Books HQ office exudes that unique scent of old book stores - the word for that is "Vellichor", who knew!?

 Alice In Wonderland was based on a real wee girl, who was a family friend of Lewis Carroll!

• Abibliophobia is the fear of running out of books to read - or, in my case, to fold!

• Part of the M6 Motorway contains 2.5 million copies of Mills & Boon. Yeah, really more here

• The UK alone, publishes around 185,000 new books every single year. Globally that figure is around 900,000.

What's YOUR favourite book fact?  I'd love to hear!
~ Jo

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