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Little Mera!

Meet Mera!

I've fallen way behind on the No Books Blog and general admin 'stuff', because there's a new set of paws at No Books HQ!

A few weeks ago, we took on [almost] 2 year old Mera*, a wee rescue Lhasa. 

Currently, No Books HQ is comprised of 2 older dogs, 2 housecats, and 1 house futret (ferret). Foob and Kaylah are both 14.  Foob, the spaniel, is a very old 14, and Kaylah, the boxer cross, is a fairly young 14...but still, 14. 

Over the years, I've almost always had 3/4/5 dogs, but for the past few years I've said that I didn't want any more dogs for a while, once these ones pass.  I left home at 17 and my dog came with me.  Now 42, I've never, ever known life without a dog(s), and I must admit, the thought of a year or two without having to clockwatch and be able to go away on a whim, or not have to nip home between things, etc, was intriguing to me. Conversely, Mr No Books has been hankering after a new dog, for a few years, and certainly since we said goodbye to his Jack, last year.  I remained a hard 'no'...until I didn't hahahaha

The truth is, I have dogs in my veins.  In my past life, I worked in a pet shop and was a dog walker.  I grew up in a home which usually had 3/4 dogs.  I also walk for miles.  Many, many miles.  And whilst Foob hasn't ever thanked me for long walks (!), Kaylah has been my companion on many, many long distance trails and Munroes.  But, now she's 14, I'm loath to take her any longer than 'normal' 30/45 minute walks.  Which means I've found myself walking longer distances...without a dog at my side.  And, I've gotta tell ya, that's just fucking weird.  The first few times were kinda OK.  Not having to look round corners, not having to be aware of livestock or fox shit haha It was certainly different.  But not especially enjoyable.  

I started to think that we really did need another set of paws.  

So along came Mera. 

In her first 3 weeks, she has continually blown me away with what a loyal and responsive wee dog she is. The first day we met her, we spent an hour with her, and she point blank refused to even look at either of us. Wasn't scared, just felt no need whatsoever to entertain these new people.  And...I kinda liked that!  I picked her up a few days later, and this wee dog stared into my eyes in the rear view mirror, for almost all of the 90 minute drive home.  As soon as she got out of the car, a switch had been flicked, and that wee dug was MINE.  She'd decided.  She loves her 'Dad' too, but I think that I may have met that rare dog in life, for the second time.  I suspect Mera is my 'heart dog'.  She can practically read my mind. 

Very gentle around Foob, plays nicely with Kaylah, can often be found curled up with a cat (although we were warned she would chase them), and not fussed about the ferret...but haven't let them play together yet, as she doesn't know he has teeth :P 

Wanting to build her up to long distances, I spent a few days with just 3/5 miles walks - quite probably longer than she's had before - and in the first couple of weeks, chucked in a couple of 8 miles.  Hardy wee thing, nay bother at all! No interest in other dogs or people, and calmly lies at my feet if I stop to speak to anyone. No interest in runners, bikes or livestock. Off lead almost all the time (where appropriate), mostly trots to heel, and so far has perfect recall; had chased the odd bird, sometimes I leave her to it, sometimes I call her off, and when I call, it's an instant response)  Last Sunday, I joined a local charity walk, and she tucked 11 miles under her belt...and I'm sure more than one person didn't actually believe we'd only been together less than 3 weeks, as she was quite the talk of the finish line hahaha 

I can't wait to get out on proper longer walks with her, I think the Dava Way will be fairly soon.  23 miles, and one I've done before.  

She's an absolute star, and I couldn't be prouder, to call myself hers ♥

*Mera, to rhyme with, uhm, berra?  Not Meera, to rhyme with Vera.  Short e. Mera. 

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