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Now offering Klarna - pay in three instalments, INTEREST FREE!

We're all feeling the pinch. I know I am. It feels like no matter how much we're tightening our belts right now, 'life' is becoming more expensive than ever before.

Of course, my art is a complete luxury. No one NEEDS one of my pretties. But so many of you WANT them. Thank you!

So they should be the first thing to go from our ever reducing 'disposable spends'.

But. It's not that simple. I don't know about you, but when times are this tough, I somehow manage to put the spiralling huge bills to the back of my mind. Not sure how. I think it's cos if I dwell on them too much, I'd be absolutely f*cking terrified. But I do tend to turn to the smaller things. I'm not a massive spender, but there's definitely something about still managing to buy 'little things' that is weirdly reassuring. And for me, those 'little things' tend to be carefully chosen and not too expensive gifts for friends and family's birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. I somehow feel that by treating others, I'm still doing OK (even if the bank statement doesn't always reflect it).

This wasn't meant to be a big ramble. It was meant to be short and to the point. So I'll give that a go now...

To help budget the cost of this unbelievably expensive year, and with Christmas (!) not a million miles away, I've taken the decision to add Klarna as a payment option.

Klarna allows you to split the cost of your No Books Pretties in to three equal payments, spread over three months.

I've looked at various similar services, and Klarna seems to be the best option, as although it IS 'credit', it's doesn't seem to be treated as credit, as such, especially as it's INTEREST FREE. The last thing anyone should be doing, is going in to debt for any of my pretties, no matter how much you want them!

This is more like the old 'layaway' system, for the online age! But best of all, you don't have to wait until the end of the payment period before you get your item - your order will be processed, folded and dispatched within my usual timeframe (currently within 7 days), but you only need to pay for a third up front, a third next month, and the final third, the month after that.

Happy days!

You can read all the ins and outs of it HERE

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