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I'm not really here

Another cheat post from me today.  

I'm on the road with yesterday, today & tomorrow, in the Bon Accord Centre in Aberdeen. 

No Books HQ is based in my home office in ma wee hoosey in Mosstodloch in the north east of Scotland, halfway between Inverness & Aberdeen.  Other than I do a regular pop up in the St Giles Shopping Centre in Elgin, Aberdeen is about as local as I get.  By local, I mean around 90mins each way, and we aint got no motorways in these here parts haha  So I'm not adding thinking up #NoBooksBlog posts to this weekend - I'll be up around 5am (later than I usually need to be for Aberdeen tbf), and home christ knows when...just in time to go to bed and do it all again tomorrow hahaha

In the meantime, maybe have a peek at an old blog post, and see where your books live whilst they await rehabilitation HERE

Is that too much of a cheat day?  I dunno, but it's all you're getting for today.  And tomorrow! Decent content may resume on Monday :P

~ Jo

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