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It's 4th July, you know what that means!

American whit?

4th of July means it's ma Daddy's birthday! 

Here's Ma Daddy and me dancing to Madness in Germany on his 70th birthday!  It was worth the saga of getting my first passport (more on that another time) JUST to have this video ♥ (btw, this is my first attempt at embedding a video in the #NoBooksBlog.  If there's a blank space below, I've done it wrong!)

Here's a book that I designed and folded for my Mum to give him a few years back.  She asked for it a few months after came in to being.  Missed the hobbyist window, so I billed her.  Natch. hahaha

More on how actually became a thing, in a future blog post.  Not today.  Cos today I'm still cheating (Last chance to catch me at in Aberdeen), and wishing the bestest Dad EVER a happy birthday!

I could get a liking for this blogging lark, so I could ;-)

Happy birthday Dad!


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