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Day 2, and I'm cheating already

Today gets out to play!
So I've pre-written today's #NoBooksBlog

#NoBooksOnTour is the mobile shop front of and from 2014-coronatimes, I traveled all of Scotland and north of England showcasing my pretties up to 100 or so times a year, in shopping centres, home shows, annual events, craft fairs - anywhere there's good footfall for me to introduce my wee works of art to new people, who may in time become new customers.  

I still do do that, and I frigging love it!  But 2020 kinda screwed most things up.  I had over 70 events cancel due to the pandemic, and so for 2021 I've intentionally booked a LOT fewer.  Like a shit load less.  I'm also not announcing each event until a few days beforehand, because the worst part of last year wasn't actually the cancellations.  It was the not knowing.  Not knowing if travel would be allowed, not knowing if venues would be open, not knowing if hotels would let me reschedule etc etc, and whilst I was kinda OK with that (we all had to be, didn't we?) the bit I most hated was typing CANCELLED over 76 or so events, and seeing that scrawled all over my Facebook and social media pages.  Just URGH. 

In another #NoBooksBlog I will dig out photos from a typical day in the life of - starting at 4am and ending....far later than was intended hahaha

But for today, I'll just say - I'M IN ABERDEEN!  Come say helloooooo if you are too :P

~ Jo
P.S. mention this blog post at this weekend's pop up, and I might just have a wee gift for you ;)
P.P.S I'll be cheating for tomorrow & Sunday's blog posts too.  #sorrynotsorry

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