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That day I asked the shop lady...

...for a red lipstick that wouldn't make my teeth yellow or look daft with my pale celtic skin and light blonde hair. 
Nipped into *brand shall remain nameless* shop, just opposite the pop up stand in an Aberdeen shopping centre, and asked the nice lady for a lipstick that ticked the above boxes.  

I did, apparently, forget to mention that I'd also rather not look like the Joker.  

That wasn't a great fashion day for me.  I'd also bought a Tshirt that very  morning, which said "girlboss" on the front.  I hadn't even finished setting up my stand by the third time I was asked 'why does it say GirlBoy on your tits?'.  
Dear Reader,
I have a confession. To this day, I regret not buying that lipstick.  As much as this photo will always make me laugh, and she'd applied it soooo badly...every time I look at it, I think the shade actually does work with my pale skin and fair hair.  And now the moment has gone. 
*le sigh*

~ Jo

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