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I'm hot. No, I mean, I'm HOT. Always!

At this time of year, would usually be traversing the country, popping up at the big annual shows. 

In case we've never met, I'm too fucking hot.  Anything over 12° and I'm wishing it was a little cooler. Over 15°, I'm officially too hot, and over 18°, it's game over.  I'm a bitching, whining, moaning, snappy, arsey, miserable blob of anger.  You know some folk get hangry, where they get angry when they're hungry?  I suffer an extreme temperature version of that, except at the point where I'm TOO FUCKING HOT, most other people are still wearing their big coat and have the heating on. A few years back we actually, finally, invested in air conditioning for our attic bedroom, because in summer the heat would hit me like a wall, halfway up the stairs, and I'd spend months on the verge of tears every night. That possibly made my heat tolerance even lower haha I have been known to have 4 fans facing the bed when I'm working away and staying in hotels, and my work box contains 2 paper fans and a USB one at all times - and there's almost always a tower van in the #NoBoMo, just for emergencies - such as pitching up in insanely hot (ie. at LEAST 20°) marquees ;-)
And, on the subject of the #NoBoMo, the next van WILL have air conditioning! 

~ Jo

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