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Sometimes "blood, sweat and tears" isn't an analogy!

It's been a BUSY couple of weeks at No Books HQ.  Most of June was really, really quiet, but as that's been the first lull I've had since September last year, I actually quite enjoyed a couple of weeks of not too much work on :) 

That all changed the last weekend of June, when it suddenly seemed that EVERYONE wanted books *yay*

So I went from only folding for a couple of hours a day, to BANG straight up to anything from 14-18 hours a day.  Christmas hours, really!  In June/July?! 

I'm often asked if I get a lot of paper cuts, and the answer is no.  But what I DO get, is intense paper burn, from 1000s of pages brushing over my hands. I make all of my creases with my trusty teaspoon, and I have built up hard calluses where it sits in my hand.  This week, some of those have failed me, and let me tell you, it's been a bloody and painful couple of days!  

I've strapped myself up with padded plasters as much as possible, but they don't tend to stay on for long, and alas, paper burn did indeed start to bleed. 

I've spent today packing orders, no folding, and catching up with paperwork, and these hands will sort themselves out in no time.  And it's always worth it when I pack orders safely on their way to their new homes ♥

All worth it.  Best job in the world! 

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