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Mid-summer musings

Mid-summer can be a quiet kinda time here at NoBooksHQ, especially for the lat couple of summers, where I’ve not been on the road, taking round all the big summer shows. Taking the prep, travel and showcase days out of the equation, seriously reclaims a LOT of hours each week, although I’m still not totally used to having “spare time” on my hands 😝 

The last few weeks have been pleasantly steady. Not crazy busy, not totally dead. It’s been a nice pace.

Lots of wholesale orders heading all over Europe and America - can’t really tell from the photos, but there’s 18-20 books in each of these.


I realised I’ve been neglecting this blog a little. It’s tricky, sometimes, not really knowing what to add to it. But it’s a pet hate of my own, coming across blogs that haven’t been updated in months or years, and I’m determined that won’t happen to this one 😝 I’m still not even sure if it’s set up correctly. I get occasional comments, which is lovely, but I don’t think the RSS feed thing has ever worked, not that I understand it at all hahaha

Mr No Books is off this week and he’s blitzed the garden! Absolutely amazing! Gardeners, we are not, but you’d have thought we were professional weed cultivators recently 🙈 Weeds no more! Feels like getting an extra room back! Upshot is, I’m writing this just after waking up from an afternoon nap - what a treat! 

Anyhoo. There. Blog updated 😂 

~ Jo

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