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Orders, orders, orders!

I wish I'd filmed this order printing out - didn't think it was ever gonna stop haha

This afternoon I've spent a while packing your orders from the last couple of days.  Mr No Books is off to the Post Office with most of them for me, but this one will be collected by courier on Monday, as it's three heavy boxes, headed to a No Books Stockist in America.  

Look at all my check marks - I kept having one book 'hiding' or two of that same book, when there was only one on the order hahaha Check, check, check again - and for the final inventory check, Mr No Books lent me his hands and eyes, also :P

Whether your order is for one, £15 book, or, in this case, 50+ books, totalling in to four figures, it's me, myself and I that you're dealing with, from start to finish.  Everything is designed and folded by me, at my desk in my home office of NoBooksHQ.  I do all your paperwork, I'm on the end of every email and message.  I source the books, prep the books, file the books, and fold the books.  I pack your orders, I, I, I.  Very self absorbed, I know haha What I mean is, there is no order too small or too large for me to offer my undivided attention to, and every single one is an honour and a joy.  

If you're a gift shop, visitor centre or boutique, and you'd love to offer your customers unique, hand folded, never cut, book art sculpture, made in Scotland by a one woman business (ably assisted by a willing hubby, when I go cross eyed and lost the ability to count boxes!), then pop over to 

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