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#NoBooksOnTour got out to play!

Yesterday, popped up in Elgin's St Giles Shopping Centre.  This was an occasional venue for me in previous years, but has become a regular fixture since 2020.  

The local shopping centre champions local makers and artists, and allows us to pop up in a couple of their shop units, with our pitch fee being donated to charity.  Win win! 

Yesterday was wonderful!  Definitely my busiest pop up of this year, and it felt, dare I say, 'normal'.  Great to see the vast majority of folk wearing their masks (still required in Scotland), and automatically sanitising their hands at the door.  Just a way of life now, innit?

I had a smashing day, meeting regulars, new customers, fellow makers, and even a few neighbours (I only live a few miles up the road).  Just an all round fun day! 

All being well, I'm back on 20th November, and then every Saturday on the run up to Christmas.  It's nice to be oot n aboot, without the uncertainty of travel restrictions or the like being reimposed.  And I can't say I hate getting up at 7.30/8am on a work day, instead of 4-5am hahahaha

Yesterday was a good day.  It's important to take note of them ♥

~ Jo

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