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Emails, emails, emails

I've been working on my emails for the next few weeks.  If you're not already signed up, go do it now.  Subscribers have a few exclusive opportunities coming their way ;-)

Social media is like pissing in the wind these days, I'm lucky if 10% of my thousands of followers actually see anything I post, so I'm putting more and more effort in to staying in contact with my mailing list.  I'm working hard to suss it all out, and not be spammy.  It's a learning curve haha But so far, so good!  Come, join the party!

~ Jo


  • Aww Janice, thank you!

    I’m only just seeing your lovely message now! It’s always my pleasure to fold for you and yours, and I’m delighted you’re so pleased ♥

    Jo from
  • What a wonderful, unusual talent you have. I ordered a book for my mum. She liked it so much we’ve bought one for my brother and sister-in-law. The book choices can be quite inspirational. It’s these little extras that mean I’ll be coming back again.

    Janice Douglas

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