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NEW design!

Now the Mother's Day rush has passed (although, you've still got time to order for Sunday!), I've blocked out some windows for design time. It can take me weeks of going back and forth to a new idea, before I'm ready to bring it to booky life! It usually takes me three full trial folds before I'm happy with the final piece, and at that point I'll add it to my catalogue. 
For the moment, I'm calling this "infinity hearts yin & yang", but I'm sure that name will be changed to something a bit less wordy, at some point!
This idea actually came into my head during a pop up, where a customer and I were chatting about my original infinity hearts
I wondered if I could move the hearts up/down to within the infinity symbol.  So I scribbled the beginnings of the idea down in my notebook, and that's where it stayed until a few days ago :)
As with all of my sculptures:
Hand folded
Never cut
Designer made
Book art



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