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NEW design

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked if I could fold a skull and rose.  This is something I've began the design of a few times over the years, but never been happy enough/confident enough in any of my scribbles, to bring them to life.  There's nothing like specifically being asked for something, to get the creative focus in place, and make it happen! 

I balanced the skull with a rose either side, and incorporated a wee bit of detail in the top of the skull, pulling together what I feel is a really successful finished piece. I don't always like new designs straight away - in fact, I generally don't even look at them for a few days, because I rarely like anything until a bit of time has passed (no idea why), but I took a big, satisfied breath of 'yes', as soon as I folded the final page of this :) This was the end result of three trial runs, and I'm very happy to stick to these design notes, for future Skull & Roses ♥

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