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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful bookiness!


This week, I'll be working on a heartfelt client commission, not needed until later in the year, but will be finished and on its way by the end of this week. 

I can't reveal what I'll be folding in to it yet, but I just ADORE these huge, leather bound, Barnes & Noble classics.  With their gilded edges, beautiful end papers, and commanding presence, they are a sight to behold, before AND after I've woven my own magic in their pages ♥

As always, despite being the epitome of booky perfection, this is a reclaimed hardback, which was destined for *gulp* landfill, before I intercepted.  And now it will become a cherished memento of a very special occasion, sure to live on for decades to come ♥

I can't show you the final piece until October/November, so I will try (!) to remember to come back here and add it or link to another blog post - but that's months away, so I'll probably forget hahahaha

If you can say it with flowers, they'll remember it with a book.

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