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I just love creating brand new designs for customers! 

As the designer AND maker of every single No Books Pretty, a LOT of my time is spent trial folding new designs and client commissions.  And I LOVE it!  

This Kayaker (is that a word? Sounds like a word in my head and spell check hasn't objected...doesn't look right though?), is starting his or her journey across the pond tomorrow, headed to Cleary Tahoe on Lake Tahoe.  

My books will forever be better travelled than myself hahahahaha

It's snowing here, and I have declared today a snow day.  I did have some gym classes booked, but seems silly driving in this weather, when I don't actually have to. Gosh, working from home never, ever, ever gets old!  Mr No Books is off his work this week, so I'm aiming to finish a wee bit early, and go watch Christmas movies under a blanket on the sofa ♥

It's beginning to feel Christmassy, finally! 

~ Jo

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