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Must be Christmas!

No gym today. 
No night on the piss, last night!

It's been a much slower than usual festive run up here this year.  This is the first Christmas that hasn't had pop ups throughout Nov/Dec, and it's resulted in a much more relaxed festive run up than usual! 

But, just as I thought I'd maybe made a mistake by staying at HQ in November and December, it seems you all turned your calendars and went "SHIIIIIT!"

It's been a full on few days here.  Orders off to the USA tomorrow, and UK too. With the ongoing Royal Mail strikes, ALL of our delivery providers are struggling to pick up the slack, and, at this point, I wouldn't bet on ANYTHING making it to anyone in time for Christmas - which is extra pressure for every maker.  We need to get things made to order and on their way ASAP, to stand any chance.

This weekend I've foregone a very rare night out (fancy dress, too!), and skipped a couple of gym sessions, to work right through to have as much as possible ready for Monday's courier collection - Mr No Books has already dropped your Royal Mail parcels at the Post Office, this Sunday eve. 

As always, I guarantee I will have your order designed, folded and dispatched within the timescale shown in your order (currently still 7 days, amazingly), but I have NO control over how long delivery will actually take :-/  Wish I could say otherwise, but I never have, never will, and can't. 

Keep a-folding, keep a-folding!  
~ Jo

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