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National Whisky Day!

Apparently today is National Whisky Day.  Or International Whisky Day.  I dunno!  I only note these 'days' to give me ideas of which designs to share with you 😛

Here's some whisky facts for you.  Sort of. 

(1) No Books HQ is located in Speyside, just a few minute's stroll from the River Spey, which is the water source for over half of the whisky produced in Scotland. 

(2) Speyside is home to around 50 distilleries.  Which is pretty impressive, as it's not that big an area.  

(3) Sometimes we can smell what can only be likened to 'corned beef', in the morning air.  That's part of the distilling process, wafting over from nearby stills!

(4) "Whisky" is the only correct spelling of Scottish Whisky.  WhiskEy refers to American and Japanese versions of the same drink. Maybe others too, but never, ever, ever Scottish Whisky.

(5) Scotch Whisky is a common and accepted term, but please don't call me Scotch, I'm Scottish.  

(6) Despite being half Scottish, half Irish, and living here all my days, I've never met a whisky I like 

(7) There are more barrels of maturing whisky in Scotland than there are people.  

OK, I'm done.  These snippets were off the top of my head.  I was about to start googling for more, and decided, nah, I think that's quite enough.  OK, one more, cos I need some kind of segue* back to the books here, yeah!

(8) The enormous stills that whisky is distilled through, are usually copper and sometimes referred to as 'dogs'.  I know not why.  Anyway.  Here's my take on a copper dog!

Please tell me I'm not the only one whose mind was blown when they saw this word written for the first time? I honestly assumed it was spelled 'segway'. It is not! 🤯

Anyhoo. I'm off for a good Scottish...cup of tea! Happy Whisky Day!

~ Jo

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