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It's Sunday - must be admin time!

I'm catching up on some webmin today.  

It's so weird, sometimes items completely disappear from my website, and I don't even know until someone asks "Can you make a X", and I go to link them to said thing, and find it gone!? 

So I've had a bit of a deep dive and tidy up, and am now scheduling a few emails for the coming weeks.  These are things that I generally push to the bottom of my to-do list, not because they're unimportant, but because pretty much everything else is more important/urgent. 

I've been foot to the floor since around September time.  I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I'm usually DEAD in April, but even April wasn't far off pre-Christmas levels...things have quietened down this month, which has finally given me a chance to do some of the less fun, but much needed, behind the scenes stuff.  As with any business, what customers see is really the tip of the iceberg, a ridiculous amount of time is actually given over to keeping the cogs turning to allow the magic to happen! 

I'm wearing an odd mix of camo trousers (how very 90s haha), animal print top, fluffy socks and crocs, and I think I'm on pint of tea number 8 so far.  It's certainly not a bad way to spend an afternoon.  And I say afternoon, because I didn't even open my eyes until 12.30pm!  Amazing.  I had a lie in last week (Sunday, also) and that was my first time sleeping past 7am in about 8 months - I'm often working by 6am haha 

This is a bit of a pointless blog post, but I try to use this as a bit of a diary, it's not about clever links or selling tool, it's just for me to type out loud :P 

So yeah.  Happy Sunday all! 
~ Jo

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