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Special Delivery for a special deliver-er

A few years ago, was doing a pop up in Glasgow, when a guy paused for a quick browse, as he passed by on a short work break.  He almost immediately noticed a book, and I could tell he was smitten.  I had folded its pages into a pair of feet, and the book itself was entitled "Special Delivery" and I think the cover had a stork bringing a new baby.  

Peter, as I now know him, said he was on a quick break and didn't have his wallet on him, but could I please keep this book by for him, and he'd get it when he finished his shift.  This sort of thing is something I hear on a daily basis when showcasing my pretties, and whilst I'm always happy to hold back books that I have a few similar, I'm generally reluctant to reserve 'one off' type books (once bitten and all that!), but, even though I'd never laid eyes on Peter before, I KNEW he'd be back at the end of his shift, as I could see this book had really called out to him! 

Fast forward a few hours, and Peter, of course, did come to buy his book, which I had, of course, wrapped up and laid aside.  He said "I can't wait to give this to my wife", and I said "awww is she expecting?"
"NO! God no! She's just qualified as a midwife, and I'm going to give her this when she delivers her first baby"
Isn't that absolutely wonderful?  He melted my cold heart!
So off he went, and that was that. Perfect book, headed to the perfect person, from the perfect husband.  

It was a few months, maybe a year later, when I was back in Glasgow, and Peter walked towards my stand. 
"wait, wait, I know this, I know you!"
Peter smiles
"you bought a boooook, it was for YOUR WIFE omg have you given her it yet?"
Peter smiled even more!  Yes, she'd long since delivered her first baby, and he'd presented her with the book as a wee minding of a momentous occasion ♥

I don't remember every book, and I don't recognise every customer...but I remember more than you'd expect, and my spidey senses often come in to play when re-meeting my amazing customers, even if it has been months or years in between ♥

If you can say it with flowers, they really will remember it with a book 
~ Jo

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