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Mailing Lists [kinda; not really]...

...time and time again, since the dawn of time (well, I guess around the mid 1990s), anyone selling anything has been told and told and told and TOLD that they MUST build an email list. 


If you've followed me for any time at all, I hope you know I'm not salesy. Don't get me wrong, I can sell!  But I've only ever 'sold' for employers, historically.  I don't 'sell' my pretties.  I promote them, oh yes, I showcase them at every given opportunity, in real life and online!  But sell?  Nah.  If you'd like to buy them, I'm delighted.  But I'm never gonna 'sell' them to you. Some are a very considered purchase (many not so much), and there's PLENTY times that I have to think twice about making even tiny purchases myself.  Nothing worse than enjoying looking at something that intrigues you, and having some salesperson try to prise your purse out your pocket.  Nah, never gonna happen.

I'll chat all day to you about what I do, I'll show you individual books and be really excited when I do so!  I'll just as happily leave you in peace to browse and chat amongst yourselves. And yeah, of course, I hope that my pretties stay in your head, and somewhere down the line you'll buy a couple.  And hunners of you do! But sell?  Nah.  If you don't 100% WANT to buy a book, I hope you don't.  Nothing makes me sadder, personally, than buyer's regret, and I really hope no one's felt that after picking up a No Books Pretty online or at a pop up.  Meh.  Nah.  And that's what happens when folk 'sell' us stuff.  We buy for so many reasons.  Can't say no, too good to be true (made up) flash sales, feel embarrassed, feel pressured, fear of missing out, yadda yadda.  But you notice that - buying, and being sold to, are completely different and light up different parts of our brains and hearts.  Buying - yay, happy hormones, a nice treat, feels fun.  Being sold to -  meh, feel resentful, buyer's regret, never wanted it in the first place, blah. 

Anyway!  This was meant to be about mailing lists haha I'll add more on that in another blog soon, because I kinda like the ramble that just poured outta my head hahah

Wanna sign up to the #NoBooksNews mailing list? (That was meant to be the point of this!) Then please do so HERE!

I'm away for a cuppa.  See if caffeine streamlines my mental tangents hahhaha
~ Jo

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