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Earth Day

Today is #earthday2021. Here at No Books HQ it’s #earthdayeveryday

I create my art by hand folding the pages of real books, each one of which is preowned and/or vintage. Since 2014 I’ve folded [a rough guesstimate of] around 2.5-3 tons of books, most of which would have ended up in landfill, had I not reclaimed them.

Landfill? Really? What about recycling? Well, as I work solely with hardbacked books, very few, if any, local authorities are able to recycle the board & leather covers and spine bindings. They also lack the man power to separate the pages from the the whole lot gets dug into the ground, for future generations to sort out 😞

The majority of charity shops have very little demand for hardbacks, although paper backs still sell really well. So, again, they either don’t accept donations of old hardbacks, or most of what they do take is sold for pennies for pulp (still better than landfill!)

I rescue as many unwanted hardbacks as I can, working with an ever rolling stock of around 4500 books, and I gently I rehabilitate them by hand, ready for their next lives! The epitome of reuse & recycle!

So if you’re very careful about your carbon footprint and impact on the world, rest assured that every purchase from is one less book headed to landfill, and as I work from home with no machines involved, creating your art has virtually no impact, either ♻️

It all adds up!
~ Jo

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